Start Somewhere

by Two Forces

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Start Somewhere was recorded by me, Stephen Brown, in January of 2016. These are the first songs I ever wrote and recorded entirely by myself. Many were done in one take.

If anything, I think this collection of songs is a testament to the fact that anyone can make music. I never thought I'd record a song that I was happy with - and granted, these songs could have been a lot better - but as I look back, I'm happy with the way they sound because I know I've grown from where I was and will continue to grow.

These songs came from a place of extreme loneliness and are all written about events in my life from 2013-2015. I'm still working my way out of that loneliness, and I still don't have any answers. I'm not ready to say what lesson I learned. I'm not ready to say that everything is going to be all right. I miss so many people and it seems I can never keep my head straight when it matters.

At least when it comes to music, which matters so much to me, I know I can only improve from here. I will hold on to that.


released February 16, 2016

Dedicated to:

Tucker Cragun, McKay Ogden, Kyle Coburn, Carson Garner, who were some of my best friends in the entire world. Things changed, but I think I'll always cherish the memories we made and the contributions you all made to my world view.

Hayden Call - I think I understand a little better now, but what you did to me in 2014 was so fucked up. You didn't ruin me - only I have that much control over myself. But what you did was wrong. I won't forget that, but I can forgive you. I truly hope you are happy. I don't think of you in May anymore.

Leila. You seem like a part of the sun. You don't know this, but sending you songs for review was in part what motivated me to start recording things in the first place.

Savanna Jones. Winter was so cruel but I had something to hope for.

Also pizza, Futurama, It's Always Sunny, DeWe, Snoop Lion, Conner Partridge, Maryn Brady, Mary Brown, my little brothers, Smith Knowles (Fuck you guys. Fuck Capitalism.), Polly Pace, Kylie Otteson, Ian Pougher, Julia Lisle, Mariah Andreasen, Conor Flynn, Derek Erickson, Derek Raschke, Tinder Girls, that one girl on Tumblr that favorites all my stuff, as well as anyone else I forgot to mention who had a big influence in my life during this time.



all rights reserved


Two Forces Logan, Utah

Two Forces is an unfiltered audio journal.

This is music about feeling alone always.

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Track Name: Bonsai Tree Blue Pot
they're just another couple
getting married on another August night
and i am standing on the fringe of the circle
like i stand on the edge of your interest
and I am only thinking of you
a million other people in this room
but you caught my eye
and i am not sure where I'm going
but i know now that i want you there
at least I think I do
I really think I do
Track Name: in retrospect I am braver now
look around you are lonely
missing the space you occupied
honesty was the death of me
and yours was disguised
i see things i've never seen
if only, you and i
is it always lonely?
i don't want that kind of life
standing still in my room
biding my time

whatever made you happy
i would do i would do
(in retrospect - I am braver now)
Track Name: i wanted you to ignore me I wanted you to like me it is irrelevant
you shone so bright from the moment i met you
I'd walk 3 miles to your apartment
if you asked me to
i get so nervous every time you're around me
wanna call you every night
and see you at the library (damn wat a coincidence haha)
brave enough to be with you
what a world that would be
Track Name: might as well be swamp rum
I drove my car to Kyle's house
skies a post rain blue
jovial, I park in the driveway
where you brought us to a close
my only wish was to come to
a resolution
or maybe, just maybe
for another person
Then suddenly, no one
Then suddenly you?
Track Name: 2015 Was the Worst Christmas

I want you to know I'm fine without the things they said I needed.
I want you to know I'm not so sad as I used to be. (I go to therapy.)
I don't miss 2011.
I still miss thirteen.
It's just for different reasons.

Underneath the stars that night,
I told you I loved you.
I'll try to remember that you loved me, too.
You know i hope you're happy.
Track Name: this was another song once
I wrote you songs when I was scared
Two years after the fact
And I have since stopped thinking
Of you and Kyler (Screw that guy)
You want my character development?
I'm so glad I didn't marry you.
I'm so glad for all the things
I get to do that you
Will never understand
I'm not sorry for anything that happened in regards to missionary service.
I'm so glad I didn't waste another moment of my time trying to fit into an iron maiden